Petries Mitre 10 Bathurst Open 25th-26th Oct 2014

RESULTS - Bathurst Open

Proudly Sponsored by Petries Mitre 10 Bathurst

120 year Celebrations

Week of Golf

Tuesday 11th – Ladies Day, Best Overall Score

Thursday 13th– Best Overall Score

Friday 14th - $15 Golf(Inc Drink) for Public after 2pm

Saturday 15th – Accumulator –Best Team Score + Best Individual

Sunday 16th- 40+ year Members Celebration, all welcome, finger food supplied from 4pm

Monday 17th - Vets- Best Overall Score


March 2013

Saturday 2nd March

Monthly Medal Players 134

A grade 1st Kevin Burke 70 2nd Kerry Stait 72 3rd Mark Elliott 72 Scr Jarryd Bird 75

B grade 1st Trevor Simmons 68 2nd Darren Small 69 3rd Neville Jones 70 Scr Graham Tyson 85

C grade 1st David Curran 69 2nd Graham Simpson 73 3rd John Lennon 73 Scr Terry Lewis 93


NTP 8th Hole in One Bob Cooper 13th Kerry Stait 220cm

Long Drive A grade Brett Howard   B grade Darren Small  C grade Graham Simpson

'Cock of the Course' Trevor Simmons 68

Ball Sweep 75c/b

Sunday 3rd March

Ind Stableford Players 24

1st Emma McCarthy 39 2nd Glen Writer 36

NTP 8th Neville Whalan 318cm 13th Rodger Sparke 618cm

Ball Sweep 32c/b

Thursday 7th March

Ind Stableford & 2BBB Players 135

A grade 1st Brad Constable 42 2nd Ross McDonald 41 3rd Ron Bender 40 Scr Darrell Bourke 36c/b

B grade 1st Don Savage 45 2nd Richard Lesh 41 3rd George Knight 37 Scr Danny Gooley 17

NTP 8th Martin Meredith 29cm 13th Evan Jones 171cm

Ball sweep 33c/b

2BBB 1st Brad Constable & Brendan Bradshaw 50 2nd Martin Meredith & Don Savage 50

 Scr Darrell Bourke & Darryn Bruce 41

Ball sweep 42c/b

Saturday 9th March

Individual Stableford 'Lefties v's Righties'

A grade 1st David Lilly 41 2nd Steve McKelvie 40 3rd Wayne Wright 39 Scr Jarryd Bird 36

B grade 1st Stephen Gaw 42 2nd Paul Rossiter 40 3rd Tim McCrossin 39 Scr Peter Heness 23

C grade 1st Dave Cole 40 2nd Glen Thwaite 38 3rd Andrew Neaves 37 Scr Mal Robins 18

NTP 8th Doug Cole 188cm 13th

Righties 32.86 avg Lefties 31.42 avg

Sunday 10th March

Ind Stableford Players 42

1st Cameron Richards 44 2nd David Curran 40 3rd Dean Sadler 38

NTP 8th                             13th Chris Sharpe 420cm

Ball sweep 34c/b

Thursday 14th March

Ind & 2BBB Stableford Players 133

A grade 1st Danny Ross 42 2nd Tom Perfect 41 3rd Peter Weekes 41 Scr David Lilly 33

B grade 1st Tom Fox 40 2nd Bob Ward 39 3rd Sid Chidiac 37 Scr Kel Price 20

2BBB 1st Tom Perfect & Steve Dury 51 2nd Wes Burge & Jeff Williams 50 Scr Darryn Bruce & Phil Stephens 37

NTP 8th Darryn Bruce 50cm 13th Chris Hadson 131cm

Ball Sweep Ind 35c/b 2BBB 44c/b

Saturday 16th March

Ind & 2BBB Aggregate Players 164

A grade 1st Adam Hodges 44 2nd Darren Small 40 3rd Trev Dickie 38 Scr Andrew Best 37

B grade 1st Graham Simpson 41 2nd Kurt Gardner 41 3rd David Curran 41 Scr John Manton 25

2BBB Aggregate Todd Mcintosh & Graham Simpson 79 2nd David Curran & Robert Mitchell 76 Scr Jarryd Bird & Dylan Thompson 63

NTP 8th Darren Small 140cm 13th David Lilly 204cm

Ball Sweep Ind 35c/b 2BBB 68c/b

 Sunday 17th March

Ind & 2BBB Worst Ball Players 53

1st Adam Powell 40 2nd Guy Burgess 39 3rd Jarryd Bird 38

2BBB Worst Ball 1st Jarryd Bird & Darrell Bourke 31 2nd Danny Ross & John Perfect 26

Ball Sweep 24pts

Thursday 21st March

Ind and 2BBB Stableford Players 131

A grade 1st Peter Moore 42 2nd Chris Warry 38 3rd Brett Howard 37 Scr Darryn Bruce 33

B grade 1st Nev Dawson 38 2nd Sid Chidiac 38 3rd Barry Tobin 38 Scr Peter Sheppard 19

2BBB 1st Richard Lesh & Barry Tobin 47 2nd Bill Lambert & Bruce Amery 46 Scr Dennis Lowe & Brett Howard 37

NTP 8th John Nicoll 71cm 13th Bill Dickie 70cm

Ball Sweep Ind 34c/b 2BBB 43c/b

Saturday 23rd March

Individual Stableford, Proudly Sponsored by Silva's Newsagency, Players 143

A grade 1st Sel Coles 44 2nd Paul Abbott 41 3rd Tom Perfect 40 Scr Paul Bright 38

B grade 1st Manuel Pro 42 2nd Paul Rossiter 42 3rd Owen Moss 40 Scr Graham Tyson 27

C grade 1st Andrew Neaves 43 2nd Graham Webber 43 3rd Shane Tildesley 41 Scr Cameron Powell 20

NTP 8th Kerry Stait 51cm 13th Greg Burgess 16cm

Ball Sweep 35c/b

Sunday 24th March

Ind & 2BBB Medley Stableford Players 64

1st Geoff McDonald 41 2nd Cindy Perfect 41 3rd Kel Price 39

2BBB 1st Glen Thwaite & Neil Brydon 48 2nd Tony Wise & Mitch Yewdall 48

Ball Sweep 35pts

 Thursday 28th March

Ind Stableford Players 46

1st Terry Staines 38 2nd Bill Lambert 36 3rd Ian Thomas 36 Scr Andrew Best 36

NTP 8th Terry Staines 50cm 13th Bob Pardey 280cm

Ball Sweep 34

Friday 29th March

Ind Stableford Players 48

1st Greg Kelly 43 (64 off stick) 2nd Neil Brydon 42 3rd Tom Perfect 39

NTP 8th Tom Perfect 162cm 13th Jane Perfect 46cm

Ball Sweep 35

Saturday 30th March

Monthly Medal Players 138

A grade 1st Tony Pryce 68 2nd Brett Howard 68 3rd Matt Ryan 69 Scr Jarryd Bird 70

B grade 1st Blake Corby 66 2nd Allan Brown 68 3rd Greg Burgess 69 Scr Bruce MaCullagh 83

C grade 1st Gary Pomeroy 69 2nd Matt Boydell 70 3rd Danny Gooley 71 Scr Bill Dowling 93

'Cock of the Course' Allan Brown 68

NTP 8th Phil Stephens 138cm 13th Peter Brien 17cm

Long Drive A grade Andrew Best

                    B grade Owen Moss

                    C grade John Stephens

Sunday 31st March

Ind Stableford Players 35

1st Emma McCarthy 40 2nd Mitch Bestwick 38 3rd Paul Bright 37

NTP 8th D Hann 188cm 13th Mitch Bestwick 400cm

Ball Sweep 32c/b


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120 Year Celebration

20-11-2014 Golf News

As part of the Club’s 120 year celebrations we held a 4 person accumulator on Saturday and it was the quartet of Lachlan Bull, Garth Robinson, Chris Osborne and Leon McIntosh who headed the field home with a great score of 103pts, the runners-up cheque went to Paul Strik, Andrew...

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Tildesley cleans up!

05-11-2014 Golf News

Gary Tildesley proved unstoppable during Saturday’s C grade event after firing 40pts that included a glorious hole out on the 2nd, rumour has it that the ball would have been on Blayney road if it hadn’t hit the flag! Dean Fidirikkos slipped in for second (38) and visitor Greg Cole...

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Campbell the conqueror!

29-10-2014 Golf News

  The 75th staging of the Petries Mitre 10 Bathurst Open was concluded on Sunday, visitor Andy Campbell proved the master of the perfect greens returning 75, 73 for a four stroke margin over Duntryleague compatriot Robert Payne. B grade saw a thrilling three hole playoff between Adam Hodges and Brian...

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Morrison on top!

15-10-2014 Golf News

  Round of the week at the Bathurst Golf Club went to Paul Morrison who compiled a massive 44pts to win Saturday’s C grade trophy from young Ben McCrossin and Wally Dean who both had 39pts. Mitch Meredith fired 21pts to win the scratch. David Lilly was seeing the ball as good...

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Holden - Riffic!

03-10-2014 Golf News

The perennial bridesmaids of the last few years in Paul Oxley, Graham Thorne, Paul Rossiter and Jarryd Bird finally turned the tables and posted a fantastic score of 54 1/8 to win this year’s Holden Scramble, rumour has it that the inclusion of the long hitting Bird was a masterstroke!...

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Eric Denholm wins Thursday's B grade

24-09-2014 Golf News

The handicapper was very kind to Eric Denholm last Thursday when he only took one shot of his handicap after he played a round of 8 shots better than his handicap for 44 points to win B grade by a massive 6 shots. Denholm also help his playing partner Tim...

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